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Reading TaeKwonDo Academy


Class Room Safety Policies


  1. Full uniform MUST be worn for all TaeKwonDo lessons, Testing and Tournaments.
  2. Females may wear white v-neck t-shirts under their uniforms.
  3. For safety, no jewellery of any kind (except wedding bands) are allowed whilst in uniform.
  4. Hair should be pulled back with a soft hair band - no big/hard plastic clips.
  5. Do not eat on the workout floor.  Drinks (appropriate for fluid replacement during strenuous activity) are permissible in non-breakable containers.
  6. Be punctual for lessons. Students who are more than 10 minutes late for class will not be allowed to participate.
  7. Parents are welcome to stay and watch the lessons. 
  8. Parents must pick up junior students at the end of class time.
  9. Please do not interrupt the instructor once class has begun.
  10. Do not signal or try to communicate with anyone in class.
  11. Please keep the noise level low while waiting for classes to start or finish.
  12. Do not handle anyones' training card except your own.
  13. Do not bring sick children to class.
  14. Students must conduct themselves according to the tenets of TaeKwonDo and must demonstrate the qualities of an artist.
  15. The TaeKwonDo classroom is a place for positive actions and communication.  If you have any concerns or problems, talk ONLY with the Instructor at the appropriate time and place.
  16. Students and instructors agree that while enrolled at TaeKwonDo, they will not train or participate in any other martial arts programme without their Instructor’s approval.
  17. The facility may be closed for testing, tournaments, summer camps, conventions or any event that require an instructors' attendance.  Club closure for events will not be cause for reductions in monthly fees.